Andrea Pittini is pleased to announce Sweet Souls, his most creative work to date, a constant research on new sound patterns, rhythmic models and innovative ways to produce music.

Sweet Souls starts with a catchy theme featuring a balanced mix of vintage and modern sounds. This contrast is the main aspect of the entire work, especially in track #4, Whispering Clocks, where Andrea spent countless hours of creative process composing, arranging and mixing his tune. Piano solo parts add that special touch and style that brings cohesion to the whole album. Precise sound design and carefully selected timbres ensure a pleasant and rewarding listening experience. Sweet Souls was produced by Andrea Pittini and mastered by Ellen Fitton. Piano tuning by Luca Bonutti.

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Discography & Works


Flamingos, Spaces, Waves, Explorations and other legendary songs composed by Andrea Pittini. Piano tuning by Luca Bonutti, mastering by Ellen Fitton.


Unconventional and Avant-Garde. An amazing musical journey through refined melodies and patterns. Production and mastering by Andrea Pittini.


Original music composed and performed by Francesco Galiazzo, singer and songwriter. Produced and mastered by Andrea Pittini, percussions by Alberto Zanor.

Life, Vasculitis Awareness Song by Andrea Pittini

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Andrea is one of the most masterful pianists I know, demonstrating flawless technique, skill and precision in whatever music he plays. It was a pleasure to work with him on a song and hopefully we will have many chances to collaborate again in the future!

Pianogirl / Am Y
pianist, Singapore

Andrea is a rare young talent, it has been a pleasure to work on his releases. His musicianship is to be admired in an era when so many are creating artificially. He is meticulous and takes great care in the recording process. His music is a delight to listen to.

Ellen Fitton
audio engineer, New York

Andrea Pittini piano solos and jazz standards

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